Why Why The Matrix Sucks?

Welcome to Why The Matrix Sucks where I point out, quite obviously, why The Matrix sucks. Some reasons are observations and nit picks, some are big what the fucks, but all are reasons why The Matrix is a crock of shit.

As ironic as it might sound, I am a fan of the trilogy. However, there are many things, that well, suck. The biggest problem with The Matrix trilogy? The fact that it was a trilogy at all.

The first movie left me thinking “woah” just like Keanu Reeves. It had a deep meaning and obvious social implications to how we are living our life. It left me feeling like there is something more to this life and started me on a path searching for more, or at least something different. This was even before I started smoking pot.

But then it was announced that there would be a trilogy. At first I was excited, I loved The Matrix. Not only was the substance appealing, The Matrix also exercised very good character development. I felt like I knew Neo, Trinity and Morph-dawg. However, as it usually happens with most good movies with unplanned sequel, the whole idea became just a graphic infested, money making, wannabe. The Watchowski brothers didn’t have a sequel or trilogy in mind, but once that hundreds of millions of dollars came rolling in, why not right?

The biggest problem with The Matrix Reloaded and the Matrix Revolutions is simple – it loses it’s deep philosophical and underlining meaning. It becomes more about the plot, the characters, the bad cgi, and exercises the cliche and overused Hero with a Thousand Faces plot. Of course, the original Matrix had a similar good vs evil plot, but that definitely was not the focus. The feeling of there being something more than life, and how one random, seemingly depressed and meaningless man is the one, and how life really isn’t what it seems, is the focus.

On top of all of this, Matrix Revolutions does an absolutely horrid job trying to close such an open story. It leaves many questions unanswered, and even raises more.

So, what’s the point of this site? Nothing, really. Just to do something I enjoy in my spare time, reviewing a shit series. I can’t really blame the Watchowski dudes for wanting to capitalize on their hugely successful film, and ended up making billions, but they really fucked up the first movie.

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