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Reason 9 – Watching Neo Come (Cum)

This is one of the oddest sex scenes in any movie. I’m not sure if it’s the shitty Fruity Loops electronic music, the sea of softcore orgy cave dancers, or watching Neo’s face as he deposits some “One Juice” into … Continue reading

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Reason 8 – The Fight Scene on Top of the Semi

Well hello there my fellow readers. I hope I haven’t filled your live’s with a deep depressing sadness due to my lack of updates. But never fear, I have returned, and I’m ready to get neck deep in some shit. … Continue reading

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Reason 7 – Why Didn’t They Make a Matrix for Cows?

This is by far the biggest problem I have with the Matrix so why I saved it for reason 7 I haven’t a clue. I’m just lazy and unorganized, so get off me. After all this is my first post … Continue reading

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Reason 6 – Because I Can’t Use the Cake that the Frenchman Does

God damn, seriously. Is this not the one thought all men have fantasized about since we realized we had things in our pants? Imagine if you could just fully control a sexual situation and make any girl explode with horniness. … Continue reading

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Reason 5 – Bullshit, He Couldn’t Talk

My God do I hate overused, ridiculous, movie cliches. How many times have you watched someone get injured, then give one last meaningful speech before they die in their loved one’s arms. Makes me sick. But this one is just … Continue reading

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Reason 4 – Believe or Not You Piece of Shit You’re Still Gonna Burn

Why oh why oh why? One of the reasons The Matrix was revolutionary was because of the deep story line, introduction of some new amazing camera techniques, and good character development. But it’s still a movie. And movies are tempted … Continue reading

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Reason 3 – When Neo Presses CTRL+X

UPDATE: HEY MOTHER FUCKERS. Before you comment to tell me how stupid this reason is and why it doesn’t hold up and how only makes me look like a fool, just don’t. I realize now that this post is terrible … Continue reading

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Reason 2 – When Trinity Says “Dodge This” to the Agent

All throughout The Matrix, the lesson to learn about the Agents was that they are fucking badass. They can dodge bullets baby! Not to mention jump across buildings and punch through walls and shit. They’re more dangerous than Russell Crowe. … Continue reading

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Reason 1 – Trinity’s Confused Cocked Head

You may think this is a random nit pick for reason 1. ¬†After all, there are hundreds of reasons why this movie sucks, why start here? ¬†Although these are in no particular order, I will say, that this is a … Continue reading

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