Reason 4 – Believe or Not You Piece of Shit You’re Still Gonna Burn

Why oh why oh why? One of the reasons The Matrix was revolutionary was because of the deep story line, introduction of some new amazing camera techniques, and good character development. But it’s still a movie. And movies are tempted to keep repeating the same cliches over and over. But seriously, this one? The Matrix introduced us to bullet time but also brought back the “zoom in closeup final last words fake bullshit” shot. But before I get in too deep, let’s have a look at the scene.

Ahh, the plot swing… a turn for the worse. Big Blacky gets kidnapped and the others leave him and run back to base. On the way, they lose track of Cypher who has a plan of his own. He’s able to call first and rushes to the exit. When he gets back it’s time to fulfill the deal with Smith. It’s time to kill everyone.

Dark Meat lol

Dark Meat lol

Mmm, barbecue, nothing like some fried dark meat. Trinity and Neo can’t get back in so they call Tank. However, it isn’t Tank that answers, it’s Cypher. Immediately he starts talking about his undying love (what a pussy) and she knows, they’re all dead.

I Just Wanted to Tap That Ass

I Just Wanted to Tap That Ass

Now, you may say there is another cliche here. Why didn’t Cypher just pull the plugs instantly and kill everyone? However, I disagree. They did a good job with his character development. He obviously has mental issues and seems pretty psychotic so I don’t doubt he would go about it slowly. He wants to give that pussy whipped speech to Trinity and drag it out as long as possible. Mainly to gain some kind of fruit cake significance.

Going into Cypher’s plot with Smith here raises some very interesting questions about consciousness and perception within the Matrix. Basically, their deal was Cypher would be given a fresh start, a reincarnation of 0s and 1s. If Cypher is able to reinsert himself back in and become someone else, what does that mean? Is he transferring his consciousness? Does he become a newly grown human? We know that Agents can transfer their consciousness around to any person still hardwired in, so maybe it’s the same concept?

There is No Fork.  Or Steak.

There is No Fork. Or Steak.

Also, I don’t think he worked out his details very well with Smith. I guess it was for the sake of the movie as his plan wasn’t the focus, but if I’m going to setup a terrorist attack on my ship I’m going to need more than being rich and an actor. I want to plan out my life and even change the way some things are ran inside the Matrix. And I would want a 22 inch cock.

So yeah, back on track here, he kills the insignificant lesbo and Italian characters and then it really gets deep. If Neo is the one, there is absolutely no way he can pull the plug. And of course he is, so the miracle happens, along with the speech:

Believe it or Not You Piece of Shit You're Still Gonna Burn

Believe it or Not You Piece of Shit You're Still Gonna Burn

Never Send a Human to Do a Machine's Job

Never Send a Human to Do a Machine's Job

God damnit. Seriously, I want God to damn this scene. Please God, if you’re up there, make the penalty for this kind of shot in a movie unforgivable. Take their first born child. Send any director who uses this to hell to be raped in every orifice for all eternity. Suck their soul out with a straw like a good ole fashioned felching. Get rid of this drama piece of shit scene for ever and ever. Amen.

Not surprisingly, it isn’t the only time in the movie this is used. It’s also similar to when the Agent says “Only human” to Neo on the roof top. Fuck.

There was a full 8 seconds after Cypher exclaimed his disbelief until he was deep fried. You may say Cypher was “shocked” and his brain froze, but c’mon, the man had a mission. He had enough time to rip all of the plugs out and shove them up Tank’s ass before he even got the shot off.

Oh and Neo, you’re a pussy, you sent Trinity to go back first.

I'm Scurred, You Go First

I'm Scurred, You Go First

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6 Responses to Reason 4 – Believe or Not You Piece of Shit You’re Still Gonna Burn

  1. some dude says:

    I always assumed Smith was just lying to him to get to Morph.

  2. admin says:

    Yeah, it certainly could have just been a lie. They might have just let Cypher die once they got the codes from Morphy. I would need some kind of proof that this could be done if I was going to, you know, become a terrorist, kill my whole crew and possibly humanity.

  3. axan says:

    Machines aren’t supposed to lie, are they? (or at least the Architect.)
    However, Smith calls him Reagan and it sounds like he will do whatever he asked in the ugliest way possible.

  4. WTMS says:

    I don’t see why machines wouldn’t be able to lie, but yeah I know what you mean by the ending quote from the Architect. But I do think it’s more likely that they would follow through with their promises.

  5. Tony says:

    I never realized it was a pussy move letting Trinity go first. All this time I thought he was chivalrous, when he was sending her to storm the beach.

  6. WTMS says:

    Oh yeah, total bitch move.

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