Reason 3 – When Neo Presses CTRL+X


Before you comment to tell me how stupid this reason is and why it doesn’t hold up and how only makes me look like a fool, just don’t. I realize now that this post is terrible and that Neo wasn’t using Windows. I have no excuse for how pathetic this is, it’s hard for me to sleep at night when I think about it. However, I’ve decided to still keep it up to highlight my stupidity. So before you comment “OMG YOUR WRONG FAGGOT” just know that I already know. Or still leave a comment, I can take it, but just know that it will make me hate you. And I’ll cry.

Early on in the first movie, Neo is fast asleep while running some strange search program on the Matrix or Morpheus or something. I gotta give him credit for listening to Massive Attack, but for being a leet haxzor, he really fucks this scene up.

Wakey Wakey, Neo.

Wakey Wakey, Neo.

For those of you who are either old or idiots, here are some Windows shortcut tips:

CTRL+C = Copy
CTRL+X = Cut
CTRL+V = Paste

Get it? Good. Now, in this scene, Trinity is making contact with Neo with some crazy Matrix who knows how the fuck it works hack. She takes over his machine and writes “The Matrix has you…” Then the eerie music starts and the mood is set, this is fucked up. So, Neo being the computer expert/hacker/whateverthefuckyouwannacallit, decides to press CTRL+X before anything else.





I couldn’t be making this shit up. Why the hell would the first thing he try to do be CUT the text from the screen?! This makes no fucking sense. It’s obvious the writers were attempting to make it look like he was trying to CLOSE whatever program was open. How do I know this? The next scene he pushes the ESC button.

Escape From This Movie.

Escape From This Movie.

Not only that, it only makes sense for him to try and be closing or canceling the program.

Now now now, before you go all ghetto on my ass, I know keystrokes used to mean different things. However, well, I’ll just let Wikipedia do the talking for me: “This command was used in the beginning of the film “The Matrix”, when Neo is trying to get rid of a screen that he does not understand. This however would be completely useless in this situation. The proper key combination if Neo was running a Unix based system would be Ctrl-C.”

So there, fuck you, this is a completely pointless keystroke to press. Some hacker he is. Maybe Neo was really tired. Maybe it was just a simple mistake. Or maybe this is just another reason why the Matrix sucks.


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30 Responses to Reason 3 – When Neo Presses CTRL+X

  1. 6f6231 says:

    l33t h4x0r5 re-map all their keys… he could just have mapped ctrl-x to mean INTERRUPT. I think this is a nit-pick. Hardly a #3. Your #2 reason was dead-on thou.

  2. admin says:

    yeah, this one sucks. it really does.

  3. NotWindows says:

    Ctrl-X is a Windows command. You assume they’re running Microsoft Windows. That strikes me as unlikely, particularly given the command line interface he was dealing with.

  4. admin says:

    Yeah yeah yeah I know, this one sucks.

  5. n7 says:

    If Neo is use to using the CLI text editor “nano” in a GNU/Linux platform Ctrl+X would make perfect sense, as that is they command to exit nano. I really doubt he’s using Windows here. Whoever wrote that Wikipedia article also didn’t think this one through. Here’s a reference just in case you’re skeptical (naturally)

  6. WTMS says:

    I know I know I knowwwwwwwwwwwwww… for the last time folks, we can all agree that this one FUCKING SUCKS!!

  7. lee says:

    FWIW, Ctrl-X is the control character for “cancel” in ASCII.
    Besides, he’s just woken up and doesn’t know what his computer is doing. No-one said he was the best hacker in the world anyway. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. Even the Oracle said he wasn’t too bright. He’s just bashing the keyboard thinking “wtf?!”

    See how long he stares at those keys before he presses them? He’s clearly not with the program. Too many late nights doing things he shouldn’t do. Bloody anarchist. 😉

  8. WTMS says:

    Yeah I know, I’m stupid for writing this.

  9. DM32 says:

    No, sir, fuck you. This movie is awesome and Neo is not using Windows OS so Ctrl+X meant only cut, it could be anything, maybe “save” in linux, maybe he pressed k with other hand so he killed the process.

  10. DM32 says:

    I still can’t believe that from hour and a half long movie you have selected 9 scenes to conclude this movie sucks, and number three reason is absolutely not correct. You are even dumb enough to quote stupid Wikipedia, I hate those Wiki quoting people.

  11. WTMS says:

    I accept any and all hate for this post, it’s pretty much the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life.

  12. Juris says:

    You Sir, are an idiot and amazing waste of space. CTRL+X is used to kill a process in UNIX. End of story.

  13. WTMS says:


  14. Tony says:

    Man this is the best. 3 years later, and you’re still having to say you deserve the hate. I searched “matrix sucks” and came across this. Thanks for the laughs. After reading #1 and #2 I finally had the courage to admit how much those scenes piss me off. Also, your an idiot, their not using Windows.

  15. WTMS says:


  16. Taylor says:

    I vividly remember seeing this movie for the first time and thinking “He didn’t press ctrl+alt+del? What a bunch of crap, whoever made this movie doesn’t know the first thing about computers.” I believe I even made a similar comment to my friends about how he just cut and pasted. It wasn’t until years later when I started playing with terminal that I learned about my mistake.

    Hang in there buddy, you’re not alone.

  17. WTMS says:

    Look, everybody, I’m not the only stupid one!

  18. X-SHADOW says:

    you were brave enough to say “I’m Wrong !”

  19. Y0urm()m says:

    At least you admit you are a FUCKTARD! Oh! BTW, they probably aren’t using shitty Windows.

  20. WTMS says:

    I hate you.

    I love you.

  21. You noobcake says:

    You noob, you’re assuming he uses Microsoft Windows, for which CTRL+X is the cut command.

    Would a hacker like Neo use Windows? No, only noob hackers would. He’d obviously use something like Linux or Unix or even his own custom OS.

    Also, CTRL+Z is the command used to quit in Unix, not CTRL+X so the quote you put in is also wrong.

    Get hacked, noob.

  22. WTMS says:

    I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU SO MUCH. (But not as much as I hate myself.)

  23. Chris Wyatt says:

    He should have used SysRq

  24. halil says:

    It cannot be ‘nano’ tool in GNU. Because it was released at 6 June 2000 but Matrix was released at 3 September 1999.

  25. halil says:

    It cannot be ‘nano’ in GNU because it was released at 6 June 2000 but The Matrix was released at 3 September 1999. I wonder why he pressed CTRL+X.

  26. Whang! says:

    Mate your update is silly. I mean when I first watched the Matrix, I did not realise that Neo does not use linux. The first thing I thought when I saw this scene was “why Neo doesnt press Alt F4 for exit?

    But still your article came up first on google when I searched “Why neo pressed ctrl X. And surely the stupid commenters here searched for the same thing, hence they are here. So dont blame yourself for not knowing that he did not use Windows.

  27. lolz says:

    You should not hate yourself because of your article.
    You should hate yourself because you are gullible.

    CTL+X does not kill processes in *NIX. It is Cut just like it is in Windows.

  28. JStebbs says:

    Wow. Hey, author — you are so dishonorable. Don’t you have any decency at all? Well, if not, thanks for nothing good and f*** you, too! Why did you even write this? You angry with the world, and movies you don’t understand, and so you write a useless and insulting article about it? Thanks for nothing.

  29. Guy says:

    I’m not sure what you wrote wrong…

  30. Jon Manley says:

    This all makes so much sense now!

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