Reason 2 – When Trinity Says “Dodge This” to the Agent

All throughout The Matrix, the lesson to learn about the Agents was that they are fucking badass. They can dodge bullets baby! Not to mention jump across buildings and punch through walls and shit. They’re more dangerous than Russell Crowe. Basically, the point was, don’t fuck with them.

Well, there is a scene when Neo and Trinity jack themselves in to go save their big bald black boss. After they get their guns and reach the roof, an Agent shows up.

Oh No!  An Agent!

Oh No! An Agent!

It’s one of the insignificant one’s though so you knew something lame was about to happen. Well, Neo tries to deal by firing some bullets at him, but we already know they can dodge that shit like it ain’t no thang:

Agents Can Dodge Bullets Baby!

Agents Can Dodge Bullets Baby!

Let’s pause for a second. Neo fired 20 shots at the guy and he dodged every single one of them. The bullets would be traveling at around 1,100 feet per second. That’s 750 mph. They were all fired in about 8 seconds. So, without going into too crazy math calculations, this guy can move fast.

Once Neo is out of options, it’s the Agent’s turn who fires away. We then see Neo’s famous ‘bending over backwards dodging bullets but not fast enough so his quads and shoulders’ are scraped scene.

Neo's Famous Scene

Neo's Famous Scene

That was pretty badass. But now what? The Agent is slowly walking over to him, and he’s doomed. But not so fast, Trinity is here to save the day. But before I get into that, what the FUCK was this Agent thinking? No wonder he’s not the crew chief, he can’t even run the deep fryer.

The Agent makes a few crucial mistakes here. #1, He forgets about Trinity. He just slowly walks over the Neo and doesn’t even bother shooting her in the face first. Did he not have enough RAM to focus on both? #2, Why the hell does he do the over used movie cliche of talking instead of shooting? These guys are MACHINES, they are ROBOTS. Slowly walking towards your target and saying some famous “last words” is a human like quality. Why wouldn’t he just point the gun right in between both of their eyes and end it there? It’s nonsensical.

Well, after all of that poppycock, he walks up to Neo, points the gun and says “Only human.” Just as he is going to pull the trigger, Trinity puts her gun up to his head and says “Dodge this!”

Dodge This?

Dodge This?

Seriously? Dodge this? She has time to say DODGE THIS?! TWO SECONDS pass by from the time she places her gun on his head and eventually pulls the trigger. Something isn’t right here. Remember, this is the same guy that 30 seconds prior was able to avoid 20 projectiles shot within 8 seconds at 750 mph. Was his CPU fried? Blue screen of death? Still running Windows 95? Two seconds should be plenty of time for him to take the gun from her, shoot her titties off then cap Neo in the balls.

But alas, he locks up, and and ka-pow:

Dodge Your Mother

Dodge Your Mother

This Agent should be fired, or at least written up. In conclusion I have one word to describe this scene – Bullshit.

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