Reason 1 – Trinity’s Confused Cocked Head

You may think this is a random nit pick for reason 1.  After all, there are hundreds of reasons why this movie sucks, why start here?  Although these are in no particular order, I will say, that this is a fine choice for numero uno.  This is probably the worst few seconds in the entire trilogy.

This is from the final movie, Matrix Revolutions, when they’re fighting those things with horrible aim that run around on the ceiling. The whole scene is a huge crock of shit. Trinity, Morpheus and Seraph are trying to rescue Neo. On their way, they take an elevator down to the Frenchman’s nightclub. They end up being unlucky because “there are many men.” A few of the guys then start doing gymnastics on the ceiling, missing hundreds of rounds, and eventually are blown away.

Ceiling Dude

Ceiling Dude

The last one alive faces off with Trinity. A few kicks, dodges, then Trinity tries to trip him. Oh but sneaky, sneaky! He then flips around and lands on the ceiling. Pretty smooth. Then, completely unnecessary and out of nowhere, they cut to a closeup on Trinity, and she gives the look:

Trinity Cocked Head Confused

Reason 1 - Trinity's Confused Cocked Head

What the flying fuck? Is she a precious puppy dog? Why in God’s name was this necessary? Seriously, why did they think cutting to this would make this scene any better? Did they think this was funny?

Well, it’s not funny. It’s a preview of what was to come in Matrix Revolutions; horse shit. This look is worse than bad grammar, like when someone says “your my favorite” or “you like pie more then me” and that shit is annoying as fuck. This face is the absolute worst 3 seconds I have seen in ANY movie EVER in my ENTIRE life. IT WARRANTS MUTHA FUCKIN’ CAPS LOCK.

Want to watch it yourself? It happens at 18:25 in the movie. If you don’t think this sucks, well, your probably the same guy that can’t get your there, their, and they’re right. And that makes your opinion count for shit.

This one short expression should be enough for me to end this website. It’s reason enough why the Matrix trilogy sucks. I could just end it here. But I can not, and I will not.

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